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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw let's go niners. >> downing down the hours, the players have done the talking. the fans have partied. now all that's left to play the biggest game of the year. no time off for bay-area
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police. be warned, a dui crack down of new year's eve person. >> i've never been a huge football person. >> not every is all hyped up for football's biggest game. the other things people will be doing. good evening. i'm annette. a super sized friday night. the parties packed the french quarter of the new orleans important eve of super bowl xlvii. let's begin or coverage with dennis o'donnell outside the superdome it seems like like this is the calm before the storm. >>reporter: it is, a quiet day on a saturday. it's my last night here at jackson square. the big story was the pro football hall of fame. the former 49ers owner is not among them. here is who did make the cut,
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larry allen. he will be joined by chris carter, warren sapp and dave robinson. while all those players, all seven of them will have their moment in canton later this summer, the focus, at least locally, was on the player that didn't make it. tim brown is not in. charles hayley did not make the cut and, of course, eddie. >>reporter: will eddie get it some day? >> i don't know. i thought he had a chance but i didn't think he had a great chance. it's very rare contributors go in. this was the best shot but he had parcel sitting there. >> really, only two people, i believe, have spoken against him it wasn't much. most of the decision was positive. >>reporter: 49ers held their find walk-through at the superdome, a building the team
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is familiar with. earlier this year san francisco beat the students in colin kaepernick's first start. chris culliver will spend his off season doing damage control after his homophobic comments. after the super bowl he will work with the trevor project. after 13 days of hype, it is ready to play football. we are ready to play football. i was getting greedy because i felt eddie deserved inclusion into the hall of fame. i'm thinking we have eddie, our super bowl title tomorrow. the we're going to have a great weekend. >> we need a win tomorrow to make up for that painful thanks. when you're watching the game tomorrow, it might be hard to hi the scene of the magic was
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misery. seven years ago, thousands of victims took shelter inside the dome. it took $336 million to give the superdome a new roof. now it's seen as a monument. >> the road to the superdome can be exciting. mike's road to the superdome started friday. he's finally in the crescent city and met a lot of fans along the way. >> that shirt looks good, considering you've had it on the past week. >> it's sure been a conversation starter. >>reporter: in almost every city in town we stopped, people could tell we were niners fans. a lot wished us well. >> no niners.
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>> go niners. >>reporter: a couple of people stand out. r.c. is one. he runs a bar. he is a nineer plan through and through. >> i grow up my entire family with cowboys fans. i got tire to have had having the cowboys shoved down my throat. >>reporter: up to 200 other fans plan to go up sunday and watch the super bowl. >> you're always welcome. come in. >>reporter: does it mat their he lives in mexico? >> i thought joe was my ankle. >>reporter: he was eight then. you would think we were in a san matero home. >> i bought this home because of the colors. >>reporter: i never thought there would be this many fans
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outside the bay area. mike sugarman. >> a reminder, our sister station your super bowl station. then the stay tuned for a super night on the new bay bridge. cbs 5 will bring you the very first live television program from the deck of the new bay bridge. it will be complete with the post game super bowl coverage from new orleans and aurnd the bay area. >> from bourbon street to the bay area, people are getting readies for parties. police are launching a dui crack down. >>reporter: the super bowl game is not even going start for another 17 hours, but the parties have already already gurn. that's why they're doing this major crack down, this dui check point you see behind me has already started. it's all in the numbers. the percentage of drunk driving accidents is higher on super bowl weekends, so police say they're going to crack down
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early. >>reporter: police will pull over anywhere from 5 to 600 drivers that dui check point tonight at. super bowl weekend is second only to new year's for the high number of drink driving related deaths the according to the national highway traffic safety administration. these check points are designed to pent a i'm in those statistics. >> this is to encourage people to act responsibly. the officers check for driver's license's to make sure they're valid, as well as to check on the sobriety and to encourage home to act responsible. >>reporter: tomorrow evening police are going to take this one step further. they're going to have what they call saturation patrols, police officers in patrol cars will be going around the city, hunting down drunk drivers and arresting
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them. don't drive drunk. live in san francisco. it is was the worst possible out some, the body of a suisun girl was found missing in a park. neighbors mourned. >>reporter: parents and children observe a memorial but there's little that's new in the case of the a murdered 13-year-old girl found naked in the park. she was reported missing by a foster parent. >>reporter: is it a sexual assault? >> we're looking the at all different angles right now. we're not releasing any theory. >>reporter: the sergeant says there's been an autopsy but won't disclose the cause of death. he says there are no observe injuries. >> i used to let my daughter walk to the doe nut shop. not anymore. >>reporter: are you frightened by this? >> a bit because i used to walk in park all the time.
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i don't know what happened or where but i won't be walking around. >>reporter: there are some leads leads. this man thought he saw something suspicious. >> a vehicle sitting out site in the parking lot. >>reporter: this is just one of many leads. >> a lot of response from the public. >>reporter: until the crime is solved, families are doing what they must to care for the kids. >> she's my grand daughter and i have another 13-year-old grand daughter and i live in redding. one takes the bus and she was too scared to come home on the bus, so i drove to pick her up. >>reporter: you drove from ring to from here? >> to pick her up. >>reporter: this crime has left a child's murdered body in a popular city park and touched my families here. you might event say terrorized
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them. they say they won't feel safe until the crime is softballed. a confrontation between two groups, and oakland art show exploded into gun fire. one person is dead. it happened last night. the fast central features art exhibits and music and food trucks. and 18-year-old man died at the scene. a 17-year-old friend of the vick was injured. two women walking by were hit by stray bullets. taking a path on the super bowl. >> i know it's like an american day, but -- >>reporter: you're over it? >> i'm over it. >> the benefits that await non-football fans. from the cbs 5 weather center, we do have rain, fog, sun in your forecast. we'll pinpoint the day you should expect which one as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. crash in boston. a group of high school students and thr adult chaperones were on the charter bus after a visit to harvard university. 30 developing news on the east coast. dozens of people have been injured in a bush crash. students and parents were on a bus after a visit to harvard university. 33 people have been hurt. the group was headed home to philadelphia. in allan hoshida, a hostage
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standoff is now in its fifth day. a 60-year-old man, jimmy lee dykes shot and killed a bus driver tuesday and kidnapped a 5-year-old passenger. police are in constant contact with the man holding the child in hostage in an under ground bunker. a stanford's professor's opinion has angered many in the bay area. it has to do the group's tendency to eat meet. >>reporter: at the san jose festival, revellers are gearing up for the vietnamese new year, which starts next week. it is a very important holiday. >> it's time to celebrate the vietnamese culture. >>reporter: as the new year holidays approach, an opinion column written by a stanford professor is drawing criticism. in the column, he writes that
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the vietnamese people and aggressive and most wild and domesticated animals in the country have been eaten. >> nobody argues that they eat dogs. a saw a truck pulling up down the road, full of cages with dog heading to -- i don't know want to guess where they were going. >>reporter: he says he brother the column based on personal observations during a recent trip and said he did not mean to offend anyone. >> if i've offended people, i want to apologize for that. >>reporter: in a student, a spokesperson says is his claims are a mix of half truths the and outright lies. i am shocked by the magnitude of his generalizations about people and our culture. an organizer of festival says while some vietnamese people do
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eat dogs, he this it's based on limited observations. >> the author didn't know what it is. >>reporter: for his part, brink lee stands by his work. >> if i had known i was going to offend so many people, i might have rephrased parts of it, but i didn't believe the column is wrong. >>reporter: in san jose, cbs 5. a special viking event today to raise funds for disabled athletes. the four-hour in-door event is san francisco was open to athletes of all levels. 80 cyclists took parts. the event raises money to pay for adapting cycling equipment for athletes with disabilities. great day for a ride inside our out. it was gorgeous. >> a great foundation to be raising fund for. i've worked with that organization in the past. really great people. as you mentioned, the weather
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conducive whether you had indoor plans or outdoor. good evening, everybody. it looks like the mild and dry weather pattern will continue again for the next several days. it's going to continue in the new orleans area. do you like says new orleans? >> i say new orleans. >> there's superdome where the action takes place. the weather conditions, partly cloudy, 62 degrees. i know it's indoors. but for those tailgating outdoors, nice conditions. in fact, very similar to santa cruz. our weather camera looking out. look at the string of lights out there honoring the 49ers. we're currently 49 degrees in mountain view, 48 with a hint of fog. 50 and overcast conditions in san francisco. today's highs anywhere from the 50s at the beaches to low 60s
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for inland area. san jose about 40 degrees. tonight and tomorrow, into the 40s had for the most part. 39 degrees towards the delta. here's the commute heading in towards the bay bridge towards the city of san francisco where we have past right now. we will see the development of pretty dense fog in the overnight hours. sunday, a foggy day. area of low pressure lifting up the veil hale, thin clouds over the area. meanwhile, the rain showers from thousand oaks through ontario all the way into the chula vista area. we have a little bit of light grain on the screen. that's condensation. otherwise, notice very slow to clear along the coast tomorrow
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and filling into the central bay as well. a partly cloudy day. check before you burn. tomorrow's air quality should be better than today. moderate levels. some just want to call it smog in the we're. northwest wind should blow most of that out. your temperatures tomorrow, into the 50s and 60s, a couple of degrees warmer than today. here is your extended forecast. very little change each and ever day. we'll bring done the temperatures ever sol slightly on tuesday. we'll bump up the cloud cover on wednesday. that will lead to the slight chance of rain showers on thursday and friday. again, the computer models want to back off that. if we do see any type of precipitation, it looks like it will be light in nature, but it's time. >> yeah. it is time. all right. thank you very much. there has been a lot of hype
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about the big game for the last two weeks. what is the super bowl isn't your game? anna shows us what else lost to do around the bay area tomorrow. >> i've never been a huge football person. >> the tv won't be on. >>reporter: with so many others glued to their tvs, actuals are arising for the hold-outs. >> super bowl sunday a great day to come to the zoo because children under the age of 13, who are wearing 49ers colors get in free. >>reporter: if you're up for a road trip is, the good news is there won't be a lot of vehicles on the road. traffic shouldn't be a problem. valleys and alpine meadows are offering two lift tickets for 49 bucks. if you hate battling the crowd, super bowl sunday is your day to hit the stores. >> you don't have to wait in line. you can kind of peruse as you
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please. >>reporter: if you're into a theater matinee, wick said play -- wicked is playing. >>reporter: a good day to hit up the museum. >> you can just take your time and enjoy the paintings. >>reporter: but the faithful have trouble understanding that anyone would miss the big game. >> i think there's got to be something out of balance there. >> i know it's like an american day, but -- >>reporter: you're over it? >> i'm over it. a dream come true for a special young sports fan that battled back from a life-threatening condition that's taking him to the super bowl. ,,,,,,,, well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. smallest people on the fiel could serve as a big inspiration. 10-year-old hunter paulin w born with 6 congenital heart s. hunter's before super bowl xlvii kicks off tomorrow, one of the smallest people on the field can
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serve as an inspiration. the 10-year-old was born with six congenital hearts defects. he was picked to be this year's nfl super kid and got to attend a clinic with andrew luck. >> he's got more energy than i've seen any kid have. >> the only person i can play tackle with is my brother and a couple of his friend. they know not to tackle me hart. >> hunter will carry the game ball on to the field just before form's super bowl. a long with a highly anticipated commercials, one thing you can count on. the calorie will be high. the average fan eats 1200 calories during the game. here's what it would take to burn off those. 150 pound person could go yoga for seven hours or go on a
10:25 pm
three-hour hike or go on a walk for five hours. seth curry returned to the warriors lineup tonight and the sharks is run to the tank. coming up next. ,,,,,, this is speeding. this is in a rush. this is fast food. this is accelerating. and thisis happening too fast.
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finish the regular season undefeated... christian, stt the clock e we begin be breaking news out of san jose. the sharks will not finish undefeated. down 1-0. marty ties it up with a back-hander, his third of the year and they go for a shoot-out. unfortunately, the sharks will not go 48-0. shut-out. the sharks lose for the first
10:28 pm
time this season. . seth courier back in the lineup. he makes the steal. the warriors cruise to their fourth straight win. cal's december defense didn't give up -- defense didn't give up any points in the last few minutes again oregon. third round of phoenix open. fans in attendance to watch phil mickelson. he had a six stroke lead heading into tomorrow. >> of course nobody will be paying attention. >> mickelson is a big fan, so i'm sure he will have one eye on that. okay. i'm going to put you on the spot. >> who do you sympathy going to win and what do you think the score is? >> i think 49ers by 10. i think the ravens are old and
10:29 pm
slow and are going to have problems. i think a big day for davis. i was thinking it was going to be about a three-point win. >> my biggest bet is whether or not destiny's child is going to be performing with beyonce. 32-28 definitely. >> all right. we have a full hour coming up on cbs 5 at 11:00 live from new orleans. we hope you join us. good night. ,,,,

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